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When a spherical entity called The Traveler appeared in our universe, it signalled the start of a golden age for humanity. That was, until it was all but destroyed by an ancient foe known as "The Darkness". Cue the Guardians, a faction of apparently immortal protectors brought back from the dead by the Traveler's will. With no memory of their former selves, these Guardians work in partnership with their Ghosts; small, sapient drones with the power to wield the Traveler's paracausal energy, or "Light".

Throughout the years, Guardians and their Ghosts have been responsible for protecting the Last City from the enemies of humanity. Led by their fireteam leader Maledict, one such group has come to prominence thanks to their part in the Red War, in which Lightless Guardians fought to secure the City and the Traveler from alien invaders.

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